To win and to loose in the same day is somewhat discerning but to win and to loose at the same time and in the same venue is somewhat perplexing, but that is exactly what happened today.

Back in November of 2018 the Government appointed the planning Inspectorate, appointing several officers who employed staff and arranged meetings, public consultations and heard evidence from expert witnesses both for and against the 'Stonehenge Tunnel' application, and in October of last year 2019 their work was complete.

The results of their near year long (Gravy Train) where made public today along with the Governments decision.

The Inspectors 'ruled' against the application and the Government in favour. Begging the question, what the Hell was the point of the exercise and 'Public consultation' if the Government were prepared to ride roughshod over the inspectorates decision and 'Build it anyway' ?

Back in the mists of time when the current plans for the tunnel were a 'cut and cover' basically a trench with a roof on it. I said to the then proposers of such a scheme that as long as they had budgeted for the biggest protest in Europe they should go ahead. They asked how I knew there would be a protest to which I replied (fresh from the Newbury anti Bypass protest) that I would be leading it.

The 'Cut and cover' was never built and they came up with a short bored option and a longer one. This then is sometime later and again they have opted for the cheapest version, Too short and does irrepressible damage to the integrity of the World Heritage site of Stonehenge but don't take my word for it ,that's what the Governments own planning inspectorate found.

Will there be legal challenges to this decision, I think so.

Will there be protest if it goes ahead, What do you think?
Blessings from The Front

Arthur /|\
King Arthur Pendragon