A Write Royal Rant

Newsletter 01 January 2021

A Write Royal Rant

Shall we start this year how we mean to carry on, and rename these 'Newsletters' and revive the Title first used for my former column in the Esher news and Mail ‘A Write Royal Rant’ and aim to publish one a month.

So without further ado, lets discuss the the issue/s surrounding Stonehenge over the previous Winter Solstice and what 'our' take and position is on what has happened and why.

Most of you will be aware of the Secretary of States recent announcement that the go ahead has been given for the so called 'Stonehenge Tunnel'. We are opposed to this project, not least of which because 'we', and by we I include other Druids who did likewise, gave evidence to the Inspectorate set up to make any such derision and along with others convinced the Inspectorate to rule in our favour and against the Granting of consent for the scheme as it presently stands. The Secretary of State, Grant Shapps MP ignored their recommendations and gave the go ahead.

You will also be aware of English Heritage’s decision not to allow 'us' to attend Stonehenge for the Celebration of the Winter Solstice reportedly due to the Covid restrictions place upon them by H.M. Government,

What you may or may not be aware of, is the extent of the restrictions put in place to stop 'us' attending and or 'our' response to any such restrictions.

Some of you will also be aware of other Groups and their actions over the Solstice in relation to these decisions and restrictions, placed in on and around Stonehenge.

In essence there are Three separate Groups involved in three separate actions around Stonehenge over this Winter.

Firstly, there is a Legal Challenge to be mounted against the 'Tunnel consent', and I can report that through the actions of the The Battle to save Stonehenge World Heritage site organised by The Stonehenge Alliance the target of £50,000 has been reached for legal action. And that 'Papers' were served before the due date of Christmas eve, and an application for a Judicial Review of The Secretary of States decision has been lodged with the High Court.

Secondly, as some may be aware, a Group called Stonehenge Heritage Action Group have set up a camp in the vicinity and have begun a campaign around the Winter Solstice of demonstration and direct action against the proposed 'Tunnel'.

We, The Loyal Arthurian Warband have presented English Heritage, Wiltshire Council and Wiltshire Police with 'Papers' in pursuant to 'our' claim that the restrictions placed within the whole World Heritage site of Stonehenge over the Solstice and Equinox periods; Whereas Vehicular access is denied on all By-ways open to All Traffic, is illegal.
In that it places unnecessary restrictions on the exercising of our Article 9,10,11, and 14 rights of The Human Rights Act, UK Law, The European Commission of Human rights and our Treaty obligations as a signatory thereto.

It is also claimed 'By us' that the Covid restrictions applied at Stonehenge throughout 2020 denying us access to worship are NOT in line with Government guidelines in that other places of Worship have been open to the public, and that if Social distancing is not possible in a field in the middle of Salisbury plain then where indeed is it?

This then is the position as it stands, and we intend, as we have previously, to work with and support the other groups mentioned.

However, our main concern must be, to campaign for Free Open Access at the times of Seasonal Rites, as it has been since we challenged the UK government in Strasbourg, in 1998, with the assistance of a young Barrister called Kier Starmer, to keep Stonehenge open as a place for Worship at Solstice and Equinox.

The Fight Continues.

Yours in The Heat of Battle, The Peace of The Grove, and The Sacred Space between.

Arthur Pendragon /|\
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