Fighting for Religious Access to Stonehenge



English Heretics refuse to honour Religious Oservance once again

After working in concert with Wiltshire Police and Council, English Heritage facilitated the 'closing' all By-way's Open to All Traffic in and around the environs of Stonehenge during the period of last Winters solstice, despite my written assertions that doing so and thereby giving EH the monopoly on parking within the World Heritage site of Stonehenge and the ability to 'Charge' for such a facility was illegal under Articles 9,10,11, and 14 of the Human Rights Act and the European treaty obligations placed upon H.M.G.A legal challenge to which is still pending.

That brings us to this year,

The Vernal (spring) Equinox was cancelled due to the measures brought in to combat the current 'Pandemic. We (Pagans, Pilgrims, Public and Druids) stayed away and 'Missed' one of the only four seasonal observances we are permitted to attend at Stonehenge.

The Summer Solstice, was equally cancelled and EH refused entry to all. This We (Pagans, Pilgrims, Public and Druids) also accepted and I led a socially distanced Ceremony in the NT field adjacent to the Hele Stone, at Dawn (in the environs of-but outside the EH remit).


It is EH's intention to likewise cancel the Religious Observance of the Autumn Equinox Dawn for all Pilgrims who wish to attend. Despite the fact that they EH are and have been Open to Tourists since just after the Solstice earlier this year.

Early in the negotiation a 'Social Distance' of 'Five meters' not One or two as recommended by WHO or HMG, no Five meter distance between pilgrims attending this Autumn was suggested which we thought over excessive, over harsh and unworkable.

Now we have learnt that they (Having sought advise from Wiltshire Council) Have decided to cancel.

I would point out that this is disproportionate to the Pagan community and that ALL other places of Worship have reopened, subject to social distancing and that the risk of infection 'outside' is far less than inside where many if not all other Religions observe their Rites.

It is not my intention to encourage others to be there, but it is my intention (as it was in Summer) to attend. I would rather not have to scale a fence or risk arrest in doing so. The ball as they say is now firmly in Their Court as to which Court I shall find myself in or in deed bring the force to bare upon them remains to be seen.

Blessings from the Front
Arthur /|\
King Arthur Pendragon