A Write Royal Rant May 2022

Sorry for the delay in publication this month but Beltaine and Mayday have been particularly busy this year.

Part of the reason goes back to the twentieth of this month when at very short notice I was invited to a meeting with UNESCO and ICOMUS who were (in Town) on a fact finding mission to sound out the support and objections to the Governments proposals for the so called 'Stonehenge Tunnel' project.

As a result they wished to meet with 'Faith Leaders' as they termed it. And although we can not even get a meeting with Wiltshire Council to discuss proposed closures to By-ways (otherwise) Open to All Traffic, over the Solstice period.

UNESCO who respect 'us' as Stakeholders at Stonehenge wished to speak with Druids and the DCMS duly presented them with two. One, who appeared virtually (on Screen) from what I would call the more Conservative side of The Druid Orders, who was opposed for financial reasons, and thought it could and would not deliver the expected benefit, and my self who appeared in person. We will get back to my opposition in a moment.

I wrote a short prepared statement for Unesco and decided to 'Spread the word' and read it out not only to UNESCO and ICOMUS but to Pagans and Druids over the Beltane weekend, Reading it out at Avebury and speaking with folk in Glastonbury.
I shall also inform the Authorities of what was said at a meeting later this week and so you don't feel left out this is the text I read from,,,,
0=((::::20th April 2022::::>


I have been attending public inquiries and discussions since the 'tunnel' solution was first suggested by Sir Jocelyn Stevens when he became became Chair of English Heritage in 1992.

Initially representing the Council of British Druid Orders I attended meetings with Mott Macdonald who were originally contracted to build the tunnel,

Back then, the Preferred and 'Cheaper' option was a 'Cut and cover' solution,
To which I stated;

“As long as you have budgeted for the Biggest protest in Europe, go ahead.

After some consideration that option was dropped in favour of a bored tunnel.

Later still, there was discussion as to whether it should be a 'Long bored tunnel' which was 'our' preferred option and also that of National Trust at tht time, or a cheaper short bored tunnel.

These proposals were shelved due to lack of funds, and resurrected in their current form.

We have many objections and reasons for opposing the shortened tunnel which are well documented on the relevant Planning Inspectorate UK Gov site, which we are all aware of;
Suffice here to say;

We shall continue to oppose all measures 'This included' that put Profit above spirituality and care more about cost effectiveness than Heritage.

King Arthur Pendragon,
Senior Druid and Pagan Priest

After which I showed them a front page caricature of me 'Doing a Gandalf' with Sword and Staff in the infamous “You shall not pass” pose entitled Monumental row at Stonehenge at the Head of a protest... And simply asked 'Is this the way you want to portray a World Heritage site ?

There was Balance in the Air over what was a not only eventful but Magical Beltaine weekend for me. The Iron steed came back from 'Going under the spanner' in time to carry me and the message around the west. And as someone must always pay the 'Piper' I was sunburned at Avebury and soaked through travelling to and from Glastonbury the following day.

Fire and Water where you were cast, no spell nor adverse purpose last, not in complete accord with me, as my word so mote it Be.....

Standing in the West with Merlin of England with whom I called in the Quarter.

When Delivering the message to the Avebury Gorsedd..

Blessings from The Front
© King Arthur Pendragon