As we move into Lughmasada ( Lammas in the Christian Calender) and the time for Harvest, there is much to be happy about, a we reflect on 'our' recent victory in the Royal Courts, in challenging the lawfulness of The Secretary of States decision to grant planning permission for the so called Stonehenge tunnel.

A big 'Shout out' to all the members of Stonehenge Allience, their supporters and Legal teams and to all the Archaeologists and Pagans who stood with us over the years of campaigning, and all the various people who, like us, gave evidence to the many public inquiries and consultations.

It goes to show that United we may achieve much, whilst divided we may only be conquered,

A word of caution here though.
Successive govements are, and have been, since it's conception in the nineteen eighties, in the habit of revisiting this issue, and not unlike a spoilt child crying out and jumping up and down until they get the answer they require. And whilst we may have 'Held them off' for now, as certain politicians regularily demonstate that is not to say that our Children and/or our childrens children will not have to fight them off again.

But for now, as the wheel turns, let's celebrate, and let's give ourselves a well deserved pat on the back, before we rise to the next challenge, whatever that will be and however brief a respite we get: Enjoy.

And let us look forward to 'Merry Meet, and Merry Greet again' in the center circle of 'our' Temple once more as we look ahead towards the Autumn Equinox.

English Heritage (Heretics as I of’times refer to them) have given their assurances, for what's that worth, that they will NOT apply for the Droves (By-ways Open to All Traffic) within the World Heritage site to be closed at Autumn, Although they have already made it clear of their intention to do so for the upcoming Winter Gathering.

So, we should, unless Wiltshire council take it upon themselves to impose Traffic restrictions, considering that both organisations are smarting from the recent High Court decision, both been fervently in favour of the tunnel, be able to 'park up', on the 'Drove' as normal prior to the long awaited and anticipated renewal of the dawn access.

King Arthur Pendragon /|\