JULY 2021

You could be excused for believing last month was 'Wall to Wall' Arthur, well the latter end of the month certainly.

With the build up to the Summer Sokstice, The Solstice itself and the aftermath and Justification thereof, both by the so called Authorities and the Druids Present.

It was obvious from the outset that 'Pilgrims' could not be denied access, especially with the 'Footie' and Royal Ascot going ahead, not to mention the occasional Music Festival and the proposed plans for Wimbledon etc.

Suffice here to say, some took it upon themselves to 'Jump the fence' at Dawn, and others followed, I did not. And as I explained elsewhere, likened to the years in exile at the end of the last millenium I have absoluely no intention of 'Going in' unless all are permitted. One 'Strange' twist to come out of all this was being invited to write for the comments section off the web version of 'The Daily Mail' a paper hitherto who has reported Pagans in a very cynical light and myself in particuler. But write for them I did,and as I pointed out, as a former NUJ member, (Natioal Union of Jurnalists) I required a fee for doing it.

Straight after the Court case came the Judicial Review of the Secretary of States decision to grant planning permission for the so called 'Stonehenge Tunnel' scheduled for a three day hearing, I was pictured outside The Royal Courts of Justice on the first day showing 'Robed' Druid support and watched the final day and closing arguments via Video link as could and in deed did others.

After the 'Press call' outside the Royal Courts I went on to another protest taking with me the Heart felt support of the Arch Druid Rollo Maughfling who has continually called for support 'in Circle' for the Journalist Julian Assange. So I joined with others outside the Australian Embassy calling for his release from Belmarsh Prison, A category A prison where I myself was formally held, when refusing bail conditions imposed on a protest site.

So it's been a busy time, press wise, but like I have always said, if being the guy who calls himself King Arthur gives me a 'soapbox' I'll use it and as some of you may know. I am not adverse to calling press conferences on protest sites and not turning up. Being more notable by my absence, and thus ensuring that the Press cover the issues at hand.

Blessings from the Front

Arthur /|\
(c) King Arthur Pendragon