MAY 2021

I trust you had a Joyous Betaine (May day eve, also known as Walpurgis night), One of the four fire (or Agricultural) festivals when Magic is abroad, and likened to other such festival dates the veil betwixt and between the worlds grows ever thinner. And I trust you are all having a Great May day wherever you are celebrating both or either.

The past month I've been doing a lot of paperwork behind the scenes, submitting written reports for the Event safety Advisory Group hosted by Wiltshire Council with regards to the possible re-opening of Stonehenge for Managed Open Access this Summer Solstice, hopefully going ahead on the Night of 20/Dawn of 21 June 2021,

Something else I have been doing of late is trying to show the duplicity in which the authorities deal with 'us' saying one thing to us and another to other Authorities. In this case how the Council say one thing to those fighting for access at Stonehenge and a completely different version to EH and alike, unfortunately for them I am in touch with the local MP and making him and others aware of what is actually being said to the left whilst a differing version is reported to the right.

Betaine is about the Gathering of the tribes and the 'party' something we have not been able to do for a while due to the restrictions we have been living under.

Talking of the 'Party' I am sure you have or will shortly be inundated by the 'Party people' representing the various Political parties as we prepare for the local elections. In my opinion, in truth they wouldn't know how to organise a real 'party' if their life depended on it.

The first time I ran in a General Election I was in fact a member of The Green |Party, but as I do not believe in 'Party' Politics I stood (as I have done in every General Election since) as an Independent.

I Believe that they (The Political Parties) are all as bad as each other and I would advise where possible to vote for Independent candidates. By for and of the People, not the Party, but the choice as they say is up to you, in what is still, although of late it has not felt as such, a free democratic system.

Well, that's the Rant part of this missive over, all that remains is for me to once again wish you the Spring greetings of the Merry Merry Month of May as was sung by Vanessa Redgrave when playing 'Jenny' in the musical Camelot.

May Day Blessing to you all,

Arthur /|\
© King Arthur Pendragon