September 2021 (The Wiltshire Edition)

The Arch Druid of Avebury, Terry Dobney sadly passed on the 26th of August 2021

I Had known Terry for many years both as a 'Biker' from the same Home Town and as a Senior Druid living and celebrating at Sacred sites in Wiltshire.

For many people, he was the face and Voice of Avebury, not just for the Pagan and Druid community. And he certainly Walked the Walk as well as Talked the Talk, which as anyone who listened to him can testify he was particularly accomplished at.

Not only did he 'Walk the Walk' as the saying goes, but his Samhain walks were themselves somewhat epic, as he would lead Pilgrims snaking around Avebury throughout the night and into the next day, to mark the seasonal observances, after which he would go on to a full day of Public Ritual.

He will be remembered by many and will be a very hard act to follow.

And as I said when interviewed by the BBC, He was one of a kind, Larger than life, and you could wait another five hundred years for another 'Terry' to come along at Avebury.

In 'other news' here in the Shire of Wilt', we prepare for the Autumn Equinox and a return to what is termed Managed Open Access, at Stonehenge. Not since the Winter of 2019 have we been given access to 'our' beloved Temple, due we are told to the so called 'Lockdown'.

A handful of Individual Druids, myself included, have throughout the restrictions 'carried the flag' as it were, by turning up and celebrating the dawn in the adjacent field. In order to keep The Stonehenge equinox and solstice celebrations, or lack of them, in the public psyche, through the national press have done just that, coupled with the Press coverage of the Legal challenges to the proposed so called Stonehenge Tunnel, you could be forgiven for thinking we have never been away,

We look forward to 'our' renewed access at Solstice and Equinox and welcoming all the Pilgrims from home and abroad who wish to be present and join us at 'our' premier Temple of Stonehenge here in Wiltshire. Beginning on the dawn of 23rd September when we will celebrate the dawn of Autumn.

(c) King Arthur Pendragon 2021