A Write Royal Rant

MARCH 2021

Stonehenge continues to figure strongly even after a year without access. The last time we were allowed access to our seasonal gatherings and celebrations was Winter 2019.

I shall be adjacent to the Hele stone, on the Permissive path, as I have through 2020 for the dawn of the Vernal (spring equinox). A couple of days later I shall be speaking at a virtual Pagan Federation Conference about The Druid involvement at Stonehenge since 'The Battle of the Beanfield' up to and including the present day, and how we have fought hard for what limited seasonal access we have achieved.

The Summer Solstice is still a matter of debate even though H.M. Government are to lift all Covid restrictions by the 21st June, English Heretics have yet to decide, inform or communicate their intentions, whether or not to grant access. Two days after the Solstice I shall be making my way to London, in order to lend Druid support to the High court challenge of The Secretary of State’s granting of planning permission for the so called 'Stonehenge Tunnel'.

There will be a Three day Hearing at The Royal Courts of Justice and it is my intention to be there, not necessarily in the public gallery but in plain view of the public in a demonstration of solidarity outside the courts on the Strand. The dates of the hearing being 23rd, 24th And 25th June 2021.

As I ofttimes say.
“We can't all be front line troops, but we can support those who are”
This usually refers to fundraising to support the cause, but in June we all have a chance to ‘stand and be counted’.

I have already put this out on social media, and I am very disappointed at the response, or rather the lack of it, for such a Major chapter in the history of our Great Temple.

So, why are so many people incensed at the government riding rough shod over the findings of the Inspectorate, who oversaw the Public consultation, and yet can not be bothered to wish the challengers well or turn up to support them?

Perhaps it's indicative of how we live, in this age of Social Media. We all have weighty opinions but that's all they are, and all they remain. Thoughts not actions, and often not even actioned in the virtual world of social media, Oh, we'll all say. what we think on our soapbox, but rarely go out of our way to encourage others on theirs.

Well here's your chance to actually do something and to be part of the change we all claim to crave for, see you on the 23rd ?

Blessings from the front

Arthur /|\
(c) King Arthur Pendragon